When It Rains It Pours.

It is going to be a wet and rain filled month. When water starts coming into your basement we can help. We offer multiple solutions that will help keep the rising rain waters out of your home for good. There might be some temporary fixes out there but what makes our products and installation different is that  we plan ahead for future settling and issues such as the heavy rain water like we will be seeing from Hurricane Rosa.

What could be causing the water to come in in the first place?

Some settling of a home is normal over time and this can cause even the smallest crack to let water in. Concrete is porous material and water can find the smallest of path to bring water into your home.  Foundation joints did not get poured right in the first place, causing ground water to come up and into the home. High water table areas over load the foundation allowing the water to come through.  There are many reasons why and how the water can come in through the foundation and we are here to prevent that from happening.

Why can’t I just coat the exterior in tar or redirect the water?

These solutions could provide a temporary fix, however they will not last over time and it will just be happening again.  If water is coming in from an over filling window well, broken sprinkler system, hose that was left on over night; eliminating those issues will only help until we get a month like this where we are receiving heavy rain and then the water will come right back in.  Our solutions get to the root of the issue and treat it there.

A Full 3 Part Waterproofing installation. Xpexy,      Encapsulation Membrane and Aquashield.


How can we stop the water  from coming in?

We offer a few solutions but most of them come with our Aquashield product. Aquashield is a drain that will capture any water that could come in and redirect it back out side. Its  like the third defense line for anything that could break through our first two solution products.

Foundation Waterproofing Utah

Aquashield System

What if there is just too much water?

In extreme cases with high water tables we can install a sump pump. This is a small pump that goes into a basement.  It then collects the water and pumps it out of your home in partnership with the Aquashield system.  If you are worried that there is just to much water coming in talk to your specialist about this option.


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