Foundation Crack Repair

Why epoxy and hydraulic cement don’t work for foundation crack repair

The average foundation crack repair only costs a few hundred dollars and is always backed by our warranty. Call today to schedule a free inspection with a foundation specialists!

Foundation Crack Repair

Finished crack repair

Foundation Crack Repair

Foundation crack with water present

Foundation cracks are commonly found along the corners of windows and doorways but can also  be found throughout a foundation wall. A foundation wall is 8” thick, which means the crack or opening that is allowing water to enter your home travels the entire 8” span through the foundation wall. It is important to consider the depth of the crack before performing a foundation crack repair.

Epoxies and hydraulic cement injections cannot fill the crack all the way through and cure to be very hard, resulting in a reopened crack with only the slightest foundation settling. Repairing foundation cracks using epoxies or hydraulic cement may be a common fix but in most cases they are only a temporary solution.

Our permanent repair uses the application of a crystallizing material that penetrates and fills the capillaries of the crack and surrounding concrete to seal off entry of any water. Our crack repairs are topped with a polyurethane coating that will expand with any additional foundation movement, ensuring the crack will not reopen.  This repair can be installed from the inside or outside of the foundation, can be applied in wet conditions, does not deteriorate, and is reactivated when water is present, ensuring the seal will not fail even under extreme hydrostatic pressure.

Worried that your foundation crack could be a sign of a bigger problem? Our technicians can determine if your home is experiencing settling or stability issues and provide a free estimate to stabilize your home if necessary. We can even provide an estimate for crack repairs over the phone if the foundation crack is in plain view. Let BASEco ensure that your first foundation crack repair will be your last and contact us today!


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