Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair

Carbon Fiber Foundation Repair In Utah

There are a variety of methods to repair a foundation wall, some more invasive than Carbon Fiber Foundation RepairFoundation Carbon Fiberothers.  Carbon fiber foundation repair applications can stabilize a bowing foundation wall without the need for excavating or drilling. These applications are done directly to the surface of the foundation wall. Once installed they can be painted over or have framing put up right over the top of the repair, hiding all evidence of the repairs that have been made. Carbon fiber foundation repair ensures no lost space in your basement as the repair is so lightweight and slim. It is also ideal for small working areas as no excavation or demolition is required to apply the carbon fiber to the foundation.

What Causes A Foundation To Crack or Bow?

There are a number of reasons that a foundation wall crack. Common cracking that can be corrected using foundation carbon fiber is commonly caused by surrounding soil pressure around the foundation. This can be a result of expansive soils or large tree roots.

Cracking caused by foundation settling often has a corresponding crack on an opposite or adjacent foundation wall. These cracks are best repaired using stabilization methods that are installed at the footing of the foundation. More information about stabilizing a settling foundation can be found here: BASEco Foundation Repair.

Crack Repair & Waterproofing

Most home owners are painfully aware of foundation cracking. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also allow water into your home, escalate into structural damage, and even impact the value of your home. Carbon fiber foundation repair can be applied to stabilize and reinforce failing concrete walls and slabs. Once repaired, BASEco can permanently waterproof the crack to provide peace of mind that your foundation is free of any openings or leaks as well as structurally sound.

If a wall is already compromised and bowing more than an inch or two, foundation wall anchors can be installed to stabilize the bowing wall. Learn more about foundation wall anchors here.


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