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Foundation Waterproofing

Foundation Waterproofing Solutions That Work!

BASEco offers a variety of permanent foundation waterproofing solutions to correct every type of foundation leak and each and every solution is backed by a guarantee. Water can make its way through your foundation in many different ways and our solutions are tailored to your unique foundation issue to ensure a permanent solution.


Waterproofing A Home That Floods Every Spring

What if I told you that we could guarantee a dry basement all the time, even if your home was built below the water table?  There are thousands of homes in Utah that experience high fluctuations of the groundwater table due to seasonal variations. Homes near the Jordan River, the Great Salt Lake, Utah Lake and in Lehi experience this every year.  Is there anything that can be done about it?  Absolutely, but it does require the correct solution. Many people think that applying more “black tar” to the exterior foundation walls or installing a sump pump in the window wells will waterproof their homes but these solutions are far from permanent. First, we need to understand why these homes flood, and it’s not  coming through the walls. The video below demonstrates how to waterproof a home with a high water table.

Learn more about homes built in a high water table.


AquaShield® Drain System

The AquaShield® System give superior protection against basement water seepage in one easy installation. No trenching! No crushed rock! No pipes! No wraps needed! This perimeter drainage system can resolve foundation leak issues when water is coming up through the floor, over the top of your foundation, or if your foundation is made of semi-permeable material such as cinder blocks. AquaShield® can be used for a small leak area or the entire foundation perimeter and can be combined with the use of encapsulation membrane to direct water flowing down your foundation wall or a sump pump to direct the collected water.

Learn more about the AquaShield® System.

Waterproofing A Cracked Foundation

When water is entering your foundation through a crack there are a few things to consider before performing the repair. First, your foundation is 8 inches thick which means this repair has to go beyond the concrete surface. Second, the crack happened due to settling so the material used must hold up to some additional settling or the crack will be re-opened and you’ll have water in your basement again before you know it.

Learn more about how BASEco permanently waterproofs a cracked foundation.


Sump Pumps

Sump pumps can be life savers when your home is built on a high water table. But a sump pump can only manage the water that reaches it, so ensuring a permanent water management system such as AquaShield® are needed in combination with a sump pump. BASEco sump pump installations will ensure water management to the pump as well as directing the pumped water away from your foundation for permanent foundation waterproofing.


Encapsulation Membrane

Looking to waterproof a large area made out of semi-permeable material such as a shelf basement or cinder block foundation? We offer solutions to encapsulate foundation walls and flooring to add more usable space to your shelf basement, crawlspace, or leaking basement. This anti-microbial waterproofing material is anchored to your foundation and can be combined with additional foundation waterproofing solutions to achieve a permanently dry, usable space.

Learn more about shelf basements.




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