Efflorescence – What is it?

Is it bad and is there anything I can do about it?


Efflorescence in an unfinished basement

Efflorescence is the white powdery substance often seen on the surface of concrete or brick.  Efflorescence is caused by water vapor migrating through the slab bringing soluble salts to the surface of the concrete.  Many people mistake the white powdery substance with mold or mildew. Although efflorescence is harmless it is evidence of another potential problem: high moisture or water in your basement.

Since much of the moisture in Utah, especially in the Salt Lake Valley, has a higher salt content, the evidence of efflorescence is more common. The most common place to find efflorescence in a basement is in the cold storage room. Other parts of a basement with a high probability of moisture and efflorescence is the joint between the foundation wall and the concrete floor slab or around cracks in the foundation.  Basements that have a lot of evidence of efflorescence may in fact have high levels of moisture.  It is not recommended to store any items that would be damaged by the high moisture levels until the problem is mitigated.

Fortunately there are several approaches to remedying a space with signs of efflorescence.


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