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Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair in Utah

Foundation repair can be costly and unexpected. Most homeowners have no idea whether they will need a foundation repair or not.  BASEco offers free inspections to homeowners all throughout Utah. When learning about foundation repairs and the costs of foundation repair, homeowners typically ask themselves the following questions:Foundation Repair Utah

  • How can I know if the foundation issues I am having are serious?
  • What’s to keep my foundation from continued movement?
  • Is my foundation and home sinking?
  • Will I ever be able to sell my home?
  • Is there something ELSE I can do besides costly foundation repair?
  • What happens if I decide to do nothing?

Why does a foundation sink?

Foundation Repair UtahFoundations of homes and buildings can settle or sink for several different reasons and sometimes it’s difficult to know exactly what the cause is, but we do know this: when a foundation moves, sinks or settles it is because there is a change or disturbance in the bearing strata soil beneath the footings of the foundation.   Causes for this change or disturbance can be attributed to: poor compaction of soil before the foundation of the home was constructed, overexposure of water to the bearing soil under the footings (due to poor drainage or a change in the surrounding water table) or the home being built on expansive/collapsible soil.  Many homes in Utah near the Jordan River or the remaining alluvial soil left from Lake Bonneville experience serious issues when excess water is exposed to the bearing soil of their home.

What happens if I don’t remedy my foundation issues?

Without stabilizing the foundation it is possible that the symptoms of your foundation settling will worsen. Common signs of foundation movement include brick, stucco or foundation cracking, drywall cracking and nail pops, uneven floors, windows and doors not closing as they should, and interior or exterior wall separation. In many cases these symptoms are livable but when trying to sell your home foundation settling will likely be a concern for potential buyers. BASEco offers permanent solutions for foundation repair and stabilization to ensure your home will never sink again and our transferable warranty will give the future home buyers peace of mind as well.

As far as do-it-yourself remedies go, start with inspecting and correcting the drainage near your foundation. Extend downspouts at least 6 feet from the foundation, ensure gutters are clear and directing water to the downspouts, and maintain a  grade that slopes away from your foundation. Unfortunately if your home was constructed on poorly compacted soil or on expansive soil then proper drainage will have little impact on your foundation’s stability.

Our technicians can determine the severity of your foundation issues and provide a free estimate for repairs. Don’t lose sleep worrying about your foundation when you can get your questions answered for free. Call today for a free inspection!

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