Installation Processes

What can the installation process look like during repairs at your home?

With such a specialized type of installation there are often lots of questions about the process. The Foundation Specialist will  provide you with both verbal and visual representation of the exact process for your home. If you do have any  questions specific to your home; just let us know what we can do to help clarify the process for you.


Installed Pier Bracket

Protective Landscaping Procedure

This L shaped bracket sits under the footing of your home for stabilization.  Depth will very from home to home based on how deep your foundation and footings are. Our technicians do their best to preserve landscaping and will backfill when completed.



What happens with the holes?

Freshly Patched Concrete

Patch Installation


We can patch any installation with a fresh patch of concrete.

This image is of wet, fresh concrete.

Let your specialist know if you have any concerns about getting your concrete patched.

If you have stained or stamped concrete discuss your options

with your  Foundation Specialist.



        This patching process will also apply to our Aquashield system
and filling in drill holes during POLYcrete Foam Lifting.

Freshly Patched Aquasheild System


When doing work in finished basements or area we always

try to remove the least amount of necessary structure,

and cosmetic finish as to save you time and money in the

long run. If you are in need of help re-patching areas that

have had demolition done by BASEco  we will provide you

with highly suggested referrals.



What can you expect during POLYcrete Foam installation?

Before Lift

Concrete can be lifted back up to its original installation, however POLYcrete can not be used to lift it more than its original installation.

After Lift Using POLYcrete

Cosmetically the technician tries to keep things as clean and even as possible.  This is a very delicate process and our highly trained technicians and specialist can answer any questions or concerns  you would have on the system with its effectiveness or cosmetic finish. A dime sized hole is drilled for the injection spot where the POLYcrete is  installed. This hole will be patched for a clean finish.



If you are in need of POLYcrete installation inside the home our technicians will pull back any carpet and do their best to preserve its integrity. However any other type of flooring will need to be removed either by the home owner or a third party company if intending to reuse the current flooring. The specialist can discuss these options with you about what BASEco will and will not do demolition on. POLYcrete lift inside the home


 Put back of framing, dry wall, flooring, landscaping etc is not covered under BASEco’s installation process. The written proposal will document what will be included with regards to clean up and demolition. Any further questions or clarification can be addressed with the Foundation Specialist. 

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