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Crawlspace Stabilizer Jacks

How we fix sagging floors with crawlspace stabilizer jacks

Does your home have sagging or uneven floors? We have the solution with crawlspace crawlspace stabilizer jackstabilizer jacks. Wood beams that carry the load of the your home can sag as a result of supports being spaced too far apart, soil settling, or excessive moisture in the crawlspace. Although the majority of homes built today have full basements, there are many older homes throughout Utah built with crawlspaces that are at risk of develop sagging floors. Signs of an overburdened support system include:

  • Sagging, sloped, or uneven floors
  • Drywall cracking and nail pops
  • Windows and doors not opening and closing properlycrawlspace stabilizer jack
  • “Bouncy” or squeaky floors
  • Tilting or sinking supports

There are several ways to go about stabilizing sagging floors. Some common repairs include pouring new concrete columns or shimming the existing columns.  These repairs are likely to require additional work later as they may continue to settle in the poor crawlspace conditions, and because they are not adjustable there is a higher probability the repairs will have to be done again within a few years.

The most reliable method of repair is the use of crawlspace stabilizer jacks. Unstable soil is removed and replaced with a stable filler to create a solid foundation for each jack assembly. The jack supports are custom cut and fitted to the crawlspace they will be installed in and can be adjusted later if necessary. Once installed, the jacks will stabilize the beams and in most cases lift floors and interior walls back to level.


Is your crawlspace damp?

It is strongly recommended to correct moisture and water issues in the crawlspace along with the stabilizer jacks. Changes in moisture levels can not only impact the stability of the soil but also promote warping and wood rot that will weaken beams over time. Correcting excessive moisture will reduce the risk of the crawlspace stabilizer jacks requiring adjustments later on and prevent additional deterioration to the flooring and beams. Crawlspaces can be encapsulated in an anti-microbial membrane to permanently waterproof the entire crawlspace or just the problem areas. Encapsulating your crawlspace can also expand the usable storage space in your home! Know the signs of excessive crawlspace moisture including:

  • Standing water 
  • Efflorescence 
  • Deteriorating or rotting wood beams
  • Musty or mold smell


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