Foundation Wall Anchor

What Is A Foundation Wall Anchor?

A foundation wall anchor is a specialized steel plate that uses the surrounding soil to pullFoundation Wall Anchor the failing wall back into place and permanently stabilize the structure. These plates can be used for residential and commercial buildings as well as retaining walls.

Foundations problems happen in a variety of ways. The most common is settling downward as the soil compacts but walls can also bow inward or start to lean as surrounding soil applies pressure to the wall. This is also common when trees and bushes grow too close to the foundation and roots apply pressure to the foundation wall. A bowing wall can also be due to poor engineering design or expansive soils. Expansive soil applies pressure as it expands when exposed to moisture and contracts as it dries out again. This ongoing expansion and contraction over time can apply a great deal of pressure to the foundation wall.

When theFoundation Wall Damage foundation wall begins to bow, crack, or lean it is important to stabilize the wall to prevent further movement and the risk of the wall failing. It is not always possible to straighten a wall using foundation wall anchors but permanent stabilization can be achieved. Once stabilized the wall will withstand much more pressure and its structural integrity is greatly increased. Without stabilization it is possible for the wall to fail and not only allow earth and debris into your basement but also impact the structural integrity of the space above. Once installed, the wall anchors can be tightened over time to help correct wall bowing. The low-profile design also allows the plates to be framed over so that all cosmetic evidence of the repair is covered.

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