AquaShield System

Rugged stand-alone waterproofing system that’s easy to install!

The AquaShield® System give superior protection against basement water seepage in one easy installation. No trenching! No crushed rock! No pipes! No wraps needed!

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AquaShield®’s innovational design incorporates the sub-floor system with wall drainage. Water enters the system through the holes tapped into the base of the walls and flows through the AquaShield® System to the sump pump. AquaShield® is constructed entirely of PVC material and adapts flawlessly to all contours on the job site. All the benefits add up to BIG savings, LESS materials, FEWER man hours, and REDUCED call backs.

The AquaShield® System is easy to install. Just tap weep holes into the bottom row of blocks along the footing (NO holes needed to be tapped in poured wall foundations) and the system does all the work for you and leaves homeowners with a clean, dry basement for years to come.

Traps hydrostatic pressure to help drive water to the sump pump!

AquaShield® uses two co-extruded rubber seals along the bottom of the system to reduce dumping exterior wall water under the basement floor. Instead of dumping hydrostatic pressure under the basement floor, AquaShield® traps the hydrostatic pressure with the two rubber seals and uses the hydrostatic pressure to drive water to the sump pump.

Three rigid gussets create fluid chambers. As water levels rise into these chambers a water level effect takes over and drives high water towards low water (sump pump) as water always is self-leveling. The three rigid gussets filter debris from floating up into this natural drive mechanism.

Open-back design will never restrict water intake of the system!

Floor cracks seep water primarily because of hydrostatic pressure that feeds in from the end cuts of floor cracks that meet exterior walls. In many cases a simple installation of a sump pump is all it takes to eliminate minor problems.

AquaShield’s leak guard is a secondary channel to collect back flow from under the footings. The leak guard channel also offers protection against water seepage up through the crack formed by pouring new concrete up against existing concrete.




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