Push Pier Foundation Repair

Push Pier Foundation Repair

What is a Foundation Push Pier?

Foundation Repair Utah

Exterior Push Pier Installation

A push pier, also known as a resistance pier, is generally used to repair and stabilize the foundation of an existing structure or home and used less frequently for new construction. In most cases, multiple piers are required to stabilize the area depending on the size of the affected area. A push pier is installed at the footing of the foundation and attached to the foundation with a specialized bracket. Push piers utilize steel piles that are hydraulically pushed down into the soil from the foundation bracket until they reach bedrock.  Once the push pier is installed then the home is supported by the pier and not resting on the unstable soil.

Push Piers are the preferred repair method for existing structures as they cause minimal disturbance to the home or landscaping. These installations can also be

push pier foundation repair

Interior Push Pier Installation

performed from in inside or outside of the home because the equipment used is very compact. Interior installations are ideal for unfinished basements but exterior installations are more common when installing push piers.

In many cases it is possible to level the home with the installation of push piers. Many homeowners seek foundation repairs before remodeling to ensure their future investment will not be damaged due to additional foundation movement or by foundation repairs performed later on.

Push Piers and Unstable Soil

Push piers can be installed in all types of soil, even expansive soils such as Blue Clay. This is possible because the piers are pushed down to load bearing strata or bedrock, bypassing the unstable soil. These repairs are also common for structures that are near water sources, such as Utah Lake and the Jordan River, or in marshy areas.

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