Helical Pier Foundation Repair in Utah - Residential and Commercial

Helical Pier Foundation Repair

Helical Pier – What is it?

A helical pier, similar to a push pier, is attached to the footing of the foundation with a specialized bracket to permanently stabilize the foundation. Helical piers are “screwed” into the soil using hydraulic machinery. This installation process makes helical piers ideal for new construction. In new construction the helical pier is installed in the soil directly below where the footing and foundation wall will be poured. The footing is then created over the top of the pier bracket and the remainder of the construction process will proceed like any other construction. After the installation is complete there is no visible evidence of the helical pier.

These piers are commonly used when constructing large structures such as high rise buildings. Helical piers are a great solution for multi-story structures that will add significant weight to the foundation and surrounding soil. Installing piers with a new foundation ensures the structure will not encounter settling issues later on.


Helical Piers for Existing Construction

Helical PierHelical piers can also be used on existing structures provided there is enough room for the installation machinery. A helical pier is often used for light-weight existing structures, such as a deck or supporting column. Similar to a push pier, a helical pier transfers the weight of the structure to the pier and off of the surrounding soil. Foundation piering is a permanent solution to stabilize any type of foundation in even the worst soil conditions.

Similar to when installing during new construction, once the installation is complete the work area is back filled with soil leaving no visible evidence of the repairs that have been made.

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