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Foundation Leak Repair and Waterproofing

Wet soil is something most people won’t lose sleep over, except of course when they want to build a house on it. Moist earth is the single biggest problem contractors and builders face when laying down foundations for a construction project of any scale. The soft and unstable nature can lead to damage and costly repairs at any time over the course of the structure’s life.

BASEco offers the perfect solution to end all these worries. Our basement and foundation waterproofing services can provide permanent results and check any type of leak. This is a bold claim, but one that we back up with a guarantee.

Hundreds of homes in the state of Utah experience basement leaks because they are in dire need of protection from excess moisture. Structures near Jordan River, Utah Lake, the Great Salt Lake, Lake Bonneville, and Lehi are all at risk of sinking foundations because of weakening soil. In order to arrest the adverse effects of excessively wet soil on the stability of your property, we’ve listed four of our most cutting-edge solutions for your perusal below.

The differences of each gives our team the ability to adapt to the unique setting of the property, as well as the flexibility to service a diverse market with different budget constraints. There’s no doubt that BASEco is the place to call for the best basement and foundation waterproofing services in Utah.

Don’t wait another minute! If you think your property is at risk of sinking or instability, call us right now and we’ll conduct a thorough inspection your foundation for free.


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