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Foundation Repair Utah

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Foundation Repair Utah

The biggest problem with foundation repair is detecting the problem. Most property owners don’t have regular opportunities to check their basement of support walls for any holes or weaknesses. It is recommended that any structure older than a decade or one that withstood a calamity at any time in its past undergo an inspection, just to be sure.

After conducting multiple inspections through the years, BASEco found that sinking foundations are the most common problem Utah property owners experience. There are several reasons why this can happen, such as overexposure to water or the structure being built on collapsible soil.

Structures near the Jordan River or Lake Bonneville can experience issues with soil stability. The root of the problem is a change in the load bearing strata soil underneath the footings of the foundation.

Foundation Repair Utah

Property owners that don’t fix their sinking foundations can expect to begin seeing signs of structural damage, such as wall and basement cracks and uneven floors, as well as wall separation. These are all scary things to see in a home or business, but most people just use plaster on the whole and forget about it. They don’t realize that these cracks are an indicator of something going wrong.

The BASEco team offers its expertise to help property owners arrest the damage and even restore stability. We offer to install helical piers for anyone in the state of Utah who wants to end their worries with their foundation once and for all. These piers are like stakes that our team drives into the soil underneath the footing of your foundation to serve as the support for the sinking section.

You can contact us at your convenience for more information on how these helical piers work and how we put them in position. Never again worry about where you stand—stabilize your structure now.


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