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Foundation Crack Repair

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Foundation Crack Repair

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The strength of a house is only as good as its foundation, which makes a crack of any size one of the scariest things for a homeowner. Basement and foundation cracks are uncommon sights, and many people can live their entire lives without being the wiser. The ones who do, however, need to correct the situation as soon as they can or risk their own safety.

Nobody should make the mistake of treating these kinds of cracks like any other hole in the wall. Regular epoxy or hydraulic cement isn’t going to do the job, since they won’t fill up the spaces all the way through. The only thing this kind of job will accomplish is allowing the owners to wait until the next crack appears when the foundation settles.

BASEco provides residents and business owners in the state of Utah a permanent solution with our basement crack repair services. Our team uses the application of a crystallizing material that penetrates and fills every capillary of the hole. This material not only seals off any possible entrance points for water, it also allows us to use our polyurethane coating.

The coating that we use for these basement repairs expands in reaction to any additional wall movement, ensuring that another hole doesn’t appear. We can apply these materials in wet conditions, and it doesn’t deteriorate even under hydrostatic pressure; however, these kinds of problems rarely end with such a simple repair.

Our technicians will study the structure of your property further to see if the hole that you found is just that, or a warning sign of something bigger. We’ll know whether this is a stability issue or a constant settling problem. They’ll have to examine the property before they can make any recommendations. Contact us today and enjoy the benefits of all these services.


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