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There are plenty of names that describe what we do: concrete leveling, concrete lifting, and even concrete raising. The term used varies depending on the preference of the engineer, but they all describe the same basic process. We correct the alignment of uneven surfaces by altering the foundation that it sits on.

This leveling process is a more cost-effective alternative than breaking the sinking surface and pouring replacement concrete. But, the best part is that virtually anyone can use this process for their own properties. It doesn’t matter whether it is for small lots like store fronts and private homes, or commercial establishments like warehouses and factories.

Utah residents and business owners can expect our team to conduct this leveling process in no more than a day. Even in the process of lifting the sunken surface, we’ll displace little of the surrounding materials. This is how we ensure a quick clean-up of the site after completion of the project; no one will even notice that any raising work was done on it.

One of the raising techniques that we use is called mud jacking, or slab jacking. Our team injects material under the surface until it goes back to its original position. Slab jacking involves a process similar to how a jack props a car up into the air, which is where it got its name. The material that we use to provide support to the sinking slab is a grout mixture that won’t pose any danger to the soil beneath the surface.

These specialized niche services are difficult to find, mostly because people don’t know the first place to look when they need them. This is why we come to you; BASEco is Utah’s reliable one-stop shop and is committed to helping clients ensure that everything stays in their proper place.

Contact us today for more information about our services and set your property right as soon as possible.


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