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How to Dig Safely

April Is National Dig Safe Month

What happens when you need a job that requires BASEco to dig?

In Utah we have a service called Blue Stakes. Here at BASEco we work with Blue Stakes to make sure when we need to dig to  install our solutions that your underground services are being protected. Two business days before your appointment date we request a Blue Stake ticket. If they see there are any utilities that need markings they will come out and mark them so our technicians can dig safely.

Excavator Dig Excavating Around Sprinkler LinesDig by Hand

What do the markings mean? 

RED – Electric Power Lines, Cables, Conduit and Lighting Cables
YELLOW – Gas, Oil, Steam, Petroleum or Gaseous Materials
ORANGE – Communication, Alarm or Signal Lines, Cables or Conduit
BLUE – Potable Water
PURPLE – Reclaimed Water, Irrigation and Slurry Lines
GREEN – Sewers and Drain Lines
WHITE – Proposed Excavation
PINK – Temporary Survey Markings

What about Private Utility Lines? 

Utah law requires utility owners to mark only the lines that they own and maintain. This usually means up to the meter. Underground lines that extend beyond the meter or that are not connected to a meter are typically not installed or owned by a utility company and therefore may not be marked. These include water and sewer laterals, power to a detached garage or lamppost, sprinkler / irrigation systems, lines connected to a propane tank or septic system, etc.

If you know of any private lines it is best to let us know before hand. Speak with your Foundation Specialist about the best plan to prevent these lines from being damaged. 

Some of these solutions are digging by hand, or contacting a third party company that can mark private lines. To find a third party company click here.

BASEco will always do a manual dig by hand when necessary to avoid damage to any utility lines.


If you have any further questions you can give us a call 801-200-3280












Lifting a Front Porch

Results that Last

This front porch in Stansbury Park had dropped 2.25 inches. The weight of the porch was pulling it down into the soil. We used our Push Pier System combined with POLYcrete to lift and stabilize the porch back up to match with the rest of the home and prevent further sinking. This was a quick an easy fix that got results and will prevent an damage from being done to the structure, surrounding soil or foundation. We stand behind our Push Pier System with a 30 year warranty for results that last. To learn more about our Push Pier System to lift and stabilize a sinking structure click here.

March 2018

Wrapping up the end of a long winter…

First of all we are excited to welcome Charles Geltz to our  team. Chuck has been an exciting addition  thus far. He brings business  as well as construction experience. We know he  be a great addition to the BASEco family.

 We are constantly working to stay on top of training and new innovations. We are always working with distributors, engineers, and partners to find out what is the best service we can provide to our customers to give them the best solutions.


Furthermore,  we have seen an increase of moisture over the past few weeks. We anticipate a busy spring as the weather will start to warm up later this month. Our footprint continues to increase throughout the state with several out of town piering jobs on the horizon.

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